Week 57 – Happy & Humble

So, I’m a little jealous of the food pics that Ali sends. I eat rice and potatoes every day. With tuna or sardines if I’m lucky. Or cuy (guinea pig). I’m starting to like guinea pig more, even though every time I eat it I think of the scene in Shrek where they are eating grilled rats. It looks about the same. The other day I ate a soup with cow feet. It’s like an oily soup with the foot of a cow in it. The foot has no meat, just ligaments and cartilage and fat. But I am so grateful that the people of Carabuela are willing to share with us, they are so kind and a very happy, humble people.

We had a good experience with Piedad. We shared two scriptures with her to help her recognize the Spirit. I shared one in Mosiah 5, where it talks about how the King Benjamin’s people changed in a way that they had no more desires to do evil. And my companion shared a scripture in Alma 32 about the seed growing. These two scriptures, along with the testimony of the Bishop, helped her to realize that the Spirit works little by little to change our hearts, and the desires of our souls. We helped her to recognize the changes that she’s experienced, and that the seed is indeed a good seed. Even though she is not ready for baptism, (she isn’t willing to accept tithing and keeping the Sabbath day Holy yet) she is changing and willing to continue until she feels that she has a testimony of the Book of Mormon.

So I was a little disappointed this week, because a lot of the baptismal dates that we had fell or got changed. We used a plan with these people, talked about the requirements, and have been teaching the lessons. But I’ve definitely realized that after all is said and done, if someone doesn’t have faith in Christ or a repentant heart, they aren’t ready for baptism. We have lots of investigators that are attending church, that have the lessons, and a desire to be baptized, but still haven’t shown that they have faith in Christ or want to repent. Or they are showing it, but very very slowly. We are patiently working with these individuals and families, and I’m trying to remind myself that it doesn’t matter if I’m there for their baptism or not, what matters is that I put forth my best effort in the part that I will play in their conversion.

I feel like even though the progress of the people in this sector is very slow, we are seeing miracles every day. The message of the Restoration really answers people’s prayers, and every time I teach people this message, my heart swells with gratitude. I have felt an even deeper appreciation for the plan of Salvation as I’ve been studying this week. We also had an activity as a district and contacted people in the mercado de Imbaya. Every single question that was asked focused on the Plan of Salvation, and I realized how much I take these eternal truths for granted. The answers in the Book of Mormon have been so normal to me all my life, yet they had a profound impact on every single person we talked to. I am so grateful for the letters everyone sends about their missionary experiences, it motivates me so much!!

Keep being awesome!! Love, Hermana Means

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