Week 59 – Struggle & Comfort

So things are awesome, we’re seeing more and more miracles everyday. Keeping up with a positive attitude even when things are difficult.

So a lot of good food this week (finally) Our investigators invited us to eat lunch with them and we helped them grill chicken and corn on the cob with salad and lemonade. They are so great. Today we went to Sister Marlow’s house. She’s from Texas but lives in Otavalo and she made us American food, she’s the best. We played volleyball at her house and she told us all kinds of stories about her conversion.

I was feeling pretty discouraged this week, thinking about all of the people that we have been teaching that haven’t been baptized. I feel like in these last few changes I have been trying so hard to be a good missionary. I’ve been trying to be more obedient, my studies have been much more significant, I feel like my teaching has improved and I’m focused even more on the doctrine of Christ and the Book of Mormon. Yet out of all of the hundreds of people that we have talked with or taught, only three have been baptized. Anyways I let all of these negative thoughts interfere with my week and it was pretty rough. But I was also praying and praying for comfort and for more faith, but didn’t really feel anything. I thought about all of the times that the Lord has comforted his servants in the Book of Mormon, such as Alma, Nephi, and Samuel, but I felt like I wasn’t getting any of those feelings of comfort or encouragement. However, in church yesterday I received wonderful impression from the Lord that increased my faith and reminded me that all is well. There is a part in the book “Our Search for Happiness” by M. Russell Ballard that I love. While talking about Joseph Smith’s desire to receive more revelation from God and know that he had been forgiven of his sins and the subsequent appearance of the Angel Moroni, Elder Ballard said the following “And instead of simply telling him that all was well and that God still loved him, Moroni came to put Joseph to work.”

And I feel like the Lord did the same with me. In addition to comforting me, the Lord gave me a great desire to work even harder and repent for my lack of faith.

I have realized throughout my mission that lots of times I’m praying for answers, and the answers don’t come until I’m in church on Sunday. Even though I don’t understand what the teachers are saying, because everything is in Quichua, I always leave with more answers and more revelation from God. The church really is a sacred place, and if we let it be, an opportunity to learn so much more.

We actually saw many great things happening this week. Zulema has really been a gift from the Lord. We have only had the chance to meet with her three times, but she told us that she has prayed, read in the Book of Mormon, and knows that this church is true. We talked with her about the requirements for baptism, and together decided that the 30th of September would allow her time to learn and attend church. She is so humble and amazing. Conversion is a miracle!!

Love you all,
Hermana Means

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