Week 64 – Word of God

Love you all, life is so good and I am so happy.

We had an amazing lesson with our investigator Jerson. He is progressing so well, he loves the Book of Mormon. He told us that a few nights ago he was reading the Book of Mormon and felt an intense desire to repent. He said that he knelt down to ask for forgiveness and know that the Book was true, and he felt something indescribable in his heart. He is so excited to be baptized. Yesterday we shared the Plan of Salvation. Because we prepared very well for this lesson, the spirit was so strong and the whole family felt that they had a bigger purpose here on Earth. They even talked about the Conference talks and said that they realized how the trials and difficulties we have are all a part of the great Plan of Redemption. At the end of the lesson we read Alma 7:14 and invited them to be baptized and especially Hermana Graciela to be baptized with her son Jerson. Graciela has gone to church for many months but has been very difficult in accepting the gospel and baptism. This night she accepted to be baptized with her son, and she was so happy. It was like she finally realized the importance of baptism in the context of the plan of Salvation, and was excited to accept. I am excited to see this family become whole in the gospel of Christ.

Another experience we had was with a great family, the Duarte family. They are not married, but are thinking about marriage. They are reading, attending church, and praying. They were even watching the priesthood session of conference in their home when we stopped by Saturday night. They are progressing so well in the gospel and I know that they will be a great help to the branch. But they feel like they still haven`t received a clear answer that this is the true church of God, although they are willing to keep looking for answers with faith. We had planned to teach the Word of wisdom, but after listening to conference we felt a strong impression to teach about the Book of Mormon. I understood exactly what the scripture means when it promises us that we will be given in the precise moment what we should say. Even though we had “treasured up the word” and planned a completely different topic, I felt that in this moment the Lord gave us the words that we needed to focus on the Book of Mormon and show them the importance of this keystone. After using many inspired questions, the husband of the family had told us that he hadn’t prayed specifically about the Book of Mormon because he was afraid of the answer he would receive, and is afraid of having to change many things in his life. But by the end of the lesson he was committed to praying with a sincere heart, with real intent, and with faith in Christ.

I just have so much love for the book of mormon, we were reading the Book of mormon with an investigator family that is progressing so well. We decided to read different prophesies of Christ with them from Nephi, Alma, and Ammon. it was a great build up because then we read in 3 Nephi 11 when Christ came to the Americas, when all of the prophecies were fulfilled and the people of the Americas received a true witness of Christ. as we read the words of Christ as he presented himself to those who had waited so long for this moment. I was filled with an amazing feeling of joy in my heart, a witness from the Holy ghost that christ came to the Americas, that this is His account and His true church. And i just felt so so so grateful to share this knowledge with the people of south America, the posterity of those who knew him personally and walked with him in these moments of the book of Mormon. I am so grateful. I loved the talk from Russell M Nelson about the book of Mormon. it was similar to my experience and I loved it!

I feel like the Word of God is growing in me every day, and I loved the Conference talks. They give me so much strength and i am grateful for prophets and apostles in this dispensation of the fulness of times. What more could we ask for, right? I am grateful for the words of eternal life that Christ so freely gives us.

Thank you for everything!!!

Hermana Means

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