Week 65 – BOM

What would my life be like without the Book of Mormon?

I`ve thought a lot about this question this week since Russel M. Nelson gave his talk in General Conference.
So here are my thoughts:
Without the Book of Mormon
I would not know or understand the nature of the Godhead.
I would not understand that my Heavenly Father is perfectly loving and perfectly just.
I would not understand the need for constant, ongoing revelation from God.
I would not know how to repent of my many sins and weaknesses.
I would not have hope to be able to overcome my weaknesses.
I would not know the purpose and necessity of the Fall of Adam.
I would not understand the Atonement ofJesus Christ.
I would not be able to see the dire need for missionary work.
I would not understand that “wickedness never was happiness.”
I would not feel as much love and gratitude for my Savior.
I would not know why God allows bad things to happen to good people.
And the list goes on and on.

I love the Book of Mormon and I love sharing it with people. I love being here in South America, because I can tell people “Hey, Christ came here! To this continent! He came to the Americas! How do you feel about that?”

It`s awesome.

In addition, I`ve thought a lot about what parts of the Book of Mormon are most valuable to me, and could be the most valuable to the people we teach and contact. I was praying one night, asking the Lord what He wants me to share with His children in coca about the Book of Mormon. And my mind kept coming back to the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I`m determined to use the Book of mormon this week to teach our investigators and our contacts about the valuable insight that the Book of mormon has concerning the Atonement. I was studying about the Atonement in the Bible and the Book of Mormon, and something that really struck me was that the Book of mormon really shows the enabling power of the Atonement. The Bible tells us many times that through the sacrifice of Christ we are cleansed, but only the Book of Mormon shows us that through the Atonement we can be not only cleansed, but sanctified to become more like Him. That is a message that every child of God must hear. That is truly a message of hope, that we can not only be clean, but that we can truly be changed.

I would love love love it if those that are reading this could send me a thought or two about what has impacted you the most from the Book of Mormon. A special verse, a piece of doctrine? A special experience? Anything would be awesome.
and if you haven`t read the book of Mormon, I really recommend it. It wil change your life. even if you`re not religious, even if you don`t believe in God, even if you`ve never gone to church. This book can bless your life immensely.

Our District leader challenged us to use the Book of Mormon more in our contacts this week, and since our district meeting we have used the book of Mormon in every single contact we`ve had. It has helped us a ton to recognize who is really prepared to listen to the message of the restoration. We also have been trying to share a scripture from the Book of Mormon in every contact. Tad R. Callister described the words of the Book of Mormon as “messages with a heartbeat.” So we decided to use more often the actual words written in the Book of Mormon instead of just our words, and the results were amazing. More people were interested in our message, more people wanted to read the book, more people opened up to us about their difficulties and fears. A taxi driver in Quito told us that his son had cerebral palsy and that he felt that nobody could understand him or his situation. We read in that very moment Alma 7: 11-12 and testified that Christ understands him perfectly. It was a really spiritual moment. And we`ve had many others like it.

I love the people here, they are so loving and kind. They are humble and open. the food is awesome. I`m happy to be here! It`s crazy how fast time is flying by!!

I love you all thank you for your letters and encouragement!!!

Hermana Means

PS. Sorry I`ve been bad about writing about the culture and everything, but everything is just so normal to me now I don`t know what to write about haha. Also sorry if my English is bad, I can`t speak. I tried to help my companion learn a song in english and I kept pronouncing the words wrong. woops.

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